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大阪・ロケーション フォトウェディング、チャペル フォトウェディング、大阪 ブライダルフォト

フォトウェディング大阪/自然体の二人で結婚ロケ写真:写真だけの結婚式 フォトウェディング大阪/自然体の二人で結婚ロケ写真:写真だけの結婚式
フォトウェディング大阪/自然体の二人で結婚ロケ写真:写真だけの結婚式 フォトウェディング大阪/自然体の二人で結婚ロケ写真:写真だけの結婚式
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Wedding in Photography

Grandiose Wedding = Good Wedding??

Hello. I am Yumiko Tada (Yunpyon!) from Abe PhotoStudio.
I was 18 yrs. old. when I started working in the Bridal industry. Since then, I have worked in many different wedding ceremonies.
“Wedding ceremony” is an event in itself, to which there are people or “guests” in a white chapel where the bell rings as the flowers showers down while newly wed bride and bridegroom receives the blessing.
Then, there is the delicious meal, the wedding cake, a variety of colorful flowers while a beautiful background music plays.
With as much as the luxuries of a wedding comes with a price!
However, the most important thing is not about the money.

Customer’s Interview

“Congratulations” “Thank you” “Regards from now on”

Wedding in Photography One thing most important in a wedding is the “emotions”.

The emotions of the couple, the blessings that sent from everyone.
There is no such things as trivial.
It does not matter where you do it, who you do it with, only the two people who ties the string of fate, and the families that share the moment are all that matters.
That is what true “Wedding” is.

> I have no wedding ceremony but I only wish for a photo.
> My child has been born so I want a photography with my child.

These are the questions that are frequently asked to us all around the country.

The question is, how can we be a part of two destined people who will finally start a new life together.
And the answer was, “Wedding in Photography”.

Actually, it is more fun than an actual wedding ceremony, this is the “Photo Wedding Party” plan and it has been receiving good reviews.

In an actual wedding ceremony, people are constantly chased by the time schedules from start to finish.
Even the relatives and the guests cannot spend enough time with the newly wedded couples because of these time restraints.

Wedding in Photography “Wedding in Photography” makes the couple enjoy the photography at their own pace. It is not only taking photos but also, everyone involved are enjoying the moment.

It is indeed like spending time in a real wedding party.

To spend time with the most important people are what matters.
Those important moments and memories, captured to a photo.
Those are what real treasures are.

Wedding in Photography

Wedding in Photography There is one moment when the bridegroom was not in the mood during the shooting.
He was, “a little bit forcefully” brought to Abe Photo Studio.
When shooting starts, he started to lose his nervousness. Eventually he started to enjoy the photo session.
Suddenly he said these words:

“I think this is better than actual wedding!!”

Wedding in Photography The mother of the bride was really energetic since the morning,
She was waiting for her turn while she is wearing a very formal Japanese attire.

Not having a real wedding ceremony was the decision made by the two young couples, they may have wanted to have a one.
A wedding ceremony can be also said as a shining moment of the parents. You can say it is the “graduation of life” for those young ones, and the parents have made a good job.
For that kind moments, “Wedding in Photography” might be one of the answer.

Wedding in Photography

As the two young couples smile in front of the camera, those relatives and friends that came to celebrate the union of two people.

It feels like it’s a real wedding!!!

saying that while they smile.

From studio to location shooting, Abe Photo Studio cheers for the young couple.
We offer them the best Photo Wedding Plan that satisfies their imagination, and of course fits the budget.

First, we ask them to visit our studio. Then we decide which dress or album they prefer.
They will experience the most fun. The photo shooting in studio itself.

Of course, you can even consult with us, and do not worry about charges.

We are awaiting your visit to our studio.
With this “Wedding in Photography”, we wish happiness to all brides.



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Are you fine with pregnant women?

Absolutely! we think of the mood, health of our clients.
We choose locations near so we won’t build stress to our clients.

During the day of photo shoot, we recheck the situation of the clients and we adjust based on their health or feeling.

I want to take photo with my child.

It is not rare for people to want to take photos after their are born.
Feel free to include your children on photography.


Customer’s Voice


I was surprised because everything came out better more than I expected!
We are inside the story, the photos look like we are in a magical world. Picnic Plan Osaka Hattori


To all the brides, we wish you more happiness!



We at white album cheers for all the young wedded couples.

We provide great plans tailored for our clients expectation and budget.
Feel free to send us an email or call us.


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営業時間 11時?18時 定休日 火曜日